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Lavender Linen SprayLav_spray2

Add new springtime Lavender freshness to all your favorite linens. 16 0z


Lavender Grapefruit Dish Soap


Invigorating lavender grapefruit dish soap. 16 oz.


Lavender Hydrosol Spray 


 A product of the Lavender distillation process produces a natural antiseptic cleaner and non irritating air freshener. Great for cleaning glass and counter tops, pet areas, kitchen and bathroom. 22 oz.


Lavender Dryer Bags 


Add a bag to your dryer and enjoy a fresh lavender scent. 5 uses or so per bag. Three bags in a package.


Culinary Lavender


Dried English Lavender Buds for baking, cooking and infusion.  4oz by vol.


Lavender PepperLpep

A tasty addition to soups, salads & meat dishes.  4oz by vol.


Herbs De Provence 


A longtime standby seasoning in the spice cabinet. 4oz. by vol.


Lavender Gourmet Spice


A flavorful blend of (15) herbs & spices will enhance almost any dish.  4oz.


4 Herb Nighttime Tea


Enjoy a relaxing cup of our Lavender herb tea at bedtime.  4oz. by vol.


Mikes Jump Start Tea


A premium blend of green teas, Lavender, citrus and clove. Loaded with antioxidants. 12oz. by vol.


Harris Family Fish and Meat Rub


Add this blend of brown sugar, spices and Lavender while grilling Salmon, Pork & Chicken for unbelievable results. 12oz. by vol.



Harris Family Fish and Meat Rub with Chipotle


Our regular rub with a spicy chipotle kick for a South Western flavor. 12oz. by vol.


Bath & BodyHealing & AromatherapyHome & Kitchen