Wedding FAQs





Q:  Are we allowed to bring our own beer, wine and liquor to the wedding?

A:  Yes


Q: If we have alcohol at our wedding, can we hire our own bartender?

A: No, Lavender Ridge will provide a certified bartender


Q: Can we bring our own home prepared food?

A:  All food must be prepared in a certified commercial kitchen (except the wedding cake).


Q: Can we hire our own outside caterer?

A. Yes. Lavender Ridge will provide you with a list of preferred caterers but, it is not mandatory that you use our recommendations.


Q. Does our caterer have to provide full food service? (set-up, service, clean-up)

Y. Yes. If both the caterer and renter fail to clean-up food waste ect., a Lavender Ridge staff member can assume the clean-up responsibilities for an additional fee.


Q. Can a certified food handler set-up and serve our food?

Y. Yes, a copy of the food service card must be sent to and accepted by Lavender Ridge one week prior to your wedding. And the person who provided the food service license must be on property during food service the day of wedding and be able to show the food service license to a Lavender Ridge staff member.


Q:  When can we view the  venue site?

A:  You are welcome to drive by the site anytime.  To access the property and event venue areas please call (775) 747-3222 and  schedule an appointment for a personal wedding venue tour.


Q:  Are tables, chairs and table cloths included in the wedding rental?

A:  Yes, renter has access to all of our tables a chairs and ivory table cloths are included. . Lavender Ridge provides tables and chairs for up to 150 people. Extra seating and tables are available for an additional fee.


Q: Is flatware, stemware or china included?

A. No, please ask your caterer if they provide flatware, stemware, and china.


Q:  Do you supply a P.A. system, sound or music system for the ceremony / reception?

A: If needed Lavender Ridge can supply Officiant with a small P.A system for your ceremony.  All outdoor sound and musical equipment is not provided by Lavender Ridge.We strongly suggest a professional DJ who doubles as the Master of Ceremonies to set the tone and keep your event balanced. We do have an indoor system/speakers that can play CD’s or Ipods.

Q:  How late can we play music?

A:  Due to Reno City Ordinance, all outside music must conclude by 10:00 P.M.